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How to keep up with your skis or snowboard

Skiing is a fun and popular sport, but each year, there are many reports of lost and stolen skis and snowboards. We have to assume there are many additional losses that are not reported. We have found an answer: Find My Stuff app and the iBeacon. Never has there been such a simple and affordable tracking service for ordinary users. It's so simple to install and use that any person can use it, no technology skills required.

Don’t be worry about your skis or snowboard while you are on sun terrace.

How does the iBeacon and the Find My Stuff app keep up with my skis and snowboard?

The iBeacon is available in a variety of types, including USB devices, Bluetooth dongles, chips, tiny coin cell devices, and even stickers. Simply choose the type of iBeacon to install on your skis, and determine the most appropriate area on the skis to install it. Once you have successfully installed the iBeacon, you should add it in Find My Stuff app as your stuff item and set up the notifiction. You need to know how it works before you put it to work out on the slopes.

Now if you misplace your skis, or if someone else picks them up by accident (or on purpose), you can be alerted to their location. If you are on the slopes, and somehow manage to lose a ski, you can track the location using the iBeacon.

Skis and snowboards are expensive to lose, and can cost quite a bit to replace. The iBeacons are cheap, and require no additional hardware to be purchased, as it is operated directly from your smartphone. You can prevent loss and theft for a fraction of the cost it would take to replace skis.

Now just make sure you don’t lose your smartphone ;)

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