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Usage Of Beacons In Outdoor Activities

Beacons are the latest technological trend for people who like to keep up with their stuff. If you consistently lose your car keys, have trouble finding your car in large parking lots, or if you simply want to prevent theft, then beacons can most likely make your life a little easier. For active people, beacons play a huge role in keeping up with objects, keeping track of pets, keeping track of children, and much more. Want to know how beacons can help you in outdoor activities? Read on to find out more. First, let's take a look at what beacons are.

Find My Stuff will keep an eye on your belongings.

What are beacons?

Beacons are tiny tracking devices that can be installed on virtually any object. There are only a few requirements to use beacons. First, you must purchase the beacon, but don't worry, they are not expensive at all. Next, you must have a mobile iPhone or iOS tablet. Third, you must download the "Find My Stuff" app.

So how can beacons be used in outdoor activities?

There are many ways beacons can be used in outdoor activities. For instance, if you're a runner, and you want an alert when you reach a specified point or distance, you simply set it up in the app, and start running. How about if you're out jogging with your dog, and you are worried about him running away? The beacon can track his exact position, and if he does get away, you can use the Maps functionality to track the beacon (and your beloved pet) in real-time!

Another way beacons are useful is if you're out riding your bike and decide to stop off at the store to buy a drink. If someone tries to steal your bike while you're in the store, you will get a loud alert on your phone, and you can take the appropriate action.

If you're out picnicking with the family, and are worried about losing something, slap a beacon on it. The Find My Stuff app allows use of multiple beacons, so you can keep up with your car keys, camera, wallet, dog, and even your kid - all at the same time!

Now you can enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about losing your stuff. Not only that, you can use beacons to enhance your outdoor activities, especially for training, and distance activities such as running, biking, and racing.

How exactly does it work?

The beacons communicate with the Find My Stuff app, and gives off an alert when the beacon reaches a specified distance from the iPhone or iPad. So if you place a beacon on yourself, set the distance to a specific point, then you can run, bike, or drive to that point to receive an alert at the exact moment you reach it.

The best feature is the ability to keep up with your stuff. If you are running or biking, you could lose your keys, wallet, purse, or other small objects, but with beacons and the Find My Stuff app, you can continue with outdoor activities without ever worrying about losing your stuff.

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