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How To Keep Up With Your Luggage at the Airport Using an iBeacon

Losing your luggage at the airport can be one of the most exasperating and frustrating experiences, and it can ruin an entire trip or vacation. All of your stuff, including personal stuff, is suddenly gone. Clothes, laptop, personal writings, photos, jewelry, sentimental items and more—gone forever. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to eventually get your stuff back, but your trip will most likely be ruined.

The best way to keep up with your luggage at the airport is to keep it close to you, but unfortunately airline policies limit the number and size of bags and suitcases that travelers can take with them on the plane. If you have multiple bags, or over-sized suitcases, they will have to be stored in the cargo area of the plane with all of the other passengers' luggage, and you are forced to put your faith in the airline company, and hope that they will take care of your luggage. But wait, there is another solution!

Innovative way to keep up with your luggage.

How to use beacons to prevent your luggage from being lost or stolen

Beacons are tiny tracking devices that can be affixed to a variety of objects to prevent them from getting lost. If the object that the beacon is attached to travels outside of a specified range, the beacon alerts the owner with a notification to their mobile device. Here is how a beacon can prevent your luggage form getting stolen or lost:

  • You stick beacons on each of your suitcases.
  • You access the mobile app, and set the range for the beacon to alert you.
  • You leave for your trip.
  • You enter the airport, and put your luggage on the luggage rack and walk away.
  • One of two things happens:
    1. A thief is able to obtain your luggage and begins to escape toward the airport doors.
    2. Your luggage is accidentally sent to the wrong area by the airport employees.
  • No matter which scenario happens, your luggage leaves the specified area that you input to the mobile app.
  • Your phone begins alerting you with a loud notification that your luggage has left the specified range.
  • You alert airport security.
  • Your luggage is found and returned to you.

Beacons are not just for luggage!

If your dog runs out of range, you will be alerted instantly. If your child begins to wander away, you will be alerted instantly. If you want to know what time your son or daughter is coming home at night, affix a beacon to their car, and you can be alerted the instant the car pulls into the driveway.

Beacons are useful for many different types of objects, and you can purchase cheap beacons right now that won't cost you a lot of money. It's certainly a small price to pay to know where all of your stuff is all of the time.

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