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How To Keep Up With Your Stuff At The Fair

Autumn is here, and that means local county and state fairs will be visiting your area soon. The fair is a wonderful place that is enjoyed by people of all ages. There are carnival rides, contests, caramel apples, funnel cakes, and plenty of people. And that's where the problem comes into play. Every year, many fair visitors experience lost or stolen items. Some fairgoers lose items as they are riding roller coasters or other high-speed rides. With all the twisting and free falling, it's very easy for an item to slip out of your pocket. That's why most fairs have signs that state you should always secure your valuables before getting on a ride. Yet every year, there are many people who simply don't see the sign, or if they do, they don't adhere to its warning.

Keeping up with your valuables is so easy, even when you are in the crowd!

Another problem at fairs is theft. Any time that you have hundreds or thousands of people crammed into a small place, you run the risk of running into pickpockets or other thieves who are looking for an opportunity to rob people. The most common items that are lost or stolen are wallets, purses, cameras, jewelry, bags, or other small items. If only there was some way that you could be alerted if you lose one of your items or if your valuables get stolen. That's where beacons and the Find My Stuff app come in and help you out.

The Find My Stuff app and beacons

Beacons are small and affordable tracking devices that can be used to keep track of your valuables. Because of their tiny size and cheap price, they are perfect for keeping up with virtually any type of object. Beacons can be attached by using a variety of methods. Some attach to key chains, while others can be attached to objects by using adhesive.

Beacons communicate with the Find My Stuff mobile app to determine the distance that the beacon is from the app. If the beacon reaches a user-specified distance, a loud notification is sent to the mobile device that alerts the user that the object that their beacon is attached to has reached the specified distance.

How to use beacons and the Find My Stuff app to keep up with your stuff at the fair

For instance, let's say that you are going to the fair. You are taking your expensive camera to take photos of your kids enjoying the rides and contests. But you are worried about your camera falling off during a ride, or perhaps being stolen while you are distracted. Those are both valid concerns. So you download the Find My Stuff app and place a beacon on your camera. Then you go into the settings on the Find My Stuff app and set the alert distance to something close, maybe 20-30 feet. Now if you're riding on a roller coaster or other intense ride and your camera falls out, you will be alerted to the fact as soon as you are 20-30 feet away. Or maybe a thief is able to steal the camera while you're distracted. As soon as the thief is 20-30 feet away from you, you will receive the alert, and you can notify the authorities.

If you are not sure where the camera is, whether it fell or was stolen, you can track the exact position of the camera using Maps functionality on the mobile device that has the Find My Stuff app installed on it.

By using the combination of the Find My Stuff app and beacons, you can rest assured that your valuables are safe. And if something happens, you are notified immediately so you can take the appropriate action. You can pick up some of the most reliable beacons at the Find My Stuff website.

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