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How to prevent your pet from running away

Pets are like family members, whether it's a cuddly little puppy or a fluffy little kitten. Over the years, strong bonds are created between you and your pet, and the thought of losing them is as fearful as losing your own child. I'm sure you have already implemented many of the most common security methods: fencing, collars, etc. The problem is that all of these methods are effective SOME of the time, but not ALL of the time. Fences are great, until your pet finds a way to jump or climb over it - or maybe someone forgets to shut or lock the gate. It only takes one incident and your pet could be lost.

You are alerted that your pet gets too far away.

Electric fencing has been viewed as cruel treatment by many. Even if you decide to use it, what if you're at work and a power outage occurs? Your pet could be long gone before you get home.

The truth is, your pet will most likely find a way to get out at some time or another. Hopefully you will catch up with them quickly, but can you really take that chance? One incident is all it takes, and your pet, your best friend, could be lost forever. Wouldn't it be great if there were some way that you could keep track of your pet at all times without having to keep an eye on them?

Well, guess what? There is a simple, affordable solution, and it works directly from your phone! Interested? Read on.

Beacons and the Find My Stuff mobile app

The Find My Stuff app is a mobile app for iOS users. This app communicates with tiny tracking devices call beacons or iBeacons. These tiny beacons can be used to track any type of object, including your pets! Not only that, you are alerted the very second that your pet gets too far away from you. Here is how to do it:

Let's say you have a new puppy, and your children are letting him run around in the front yard. It's fenced, so it should be safe. Your mom comes by to visit, and accidentally leaves the fence gate open. You are distracted as you chat with her. The puppy runs out of the fence and goes on a little adventure.

Now let's take a look at the same scenario using beacons and the Find My Stuff app.

You get a new puppy, and immediately install a tiny beacon on his collar. You then go into the settings on the Find My Stuff app, and set an alert distance to the fence gate. Mom stops by and leaves the gate open. The puppy runs out of the fence, but as soon as he reaches the gate, a loud alert is emitted from your iPhone. You can immediately chase him down, return him to the yard, and get back to chatting with Mom.

See how easy it is to keep up with your pets? Beacons and the Find My Stuff app can be used to keep up with virtually ANY object: car keys, cars, bicycles, laptops - even kids!

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