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How to prevent your camera being lost or stolen for photographers

As photographers, our cameras are our lives, our careers. A photographer without a camera is like a carpenter without a hammer, a policeman without a gun, a taxi driver without a car; it will render your career useless. Yet every day, cameras are stolen from photographers, while others are simply lost. Photographers of well-established companies and news agencies typically have insurance on their cameras. But for the hundreds of thousands of independent photographers and new photographers, insurance is typically not in the budget. So if a camera gets lost or stolen, the photographer just has to eat the cost.

The camera lost can be the expensive one.

If you are on a photoshoot, and you set your camera down for even a few minutes, it may become lost or stolen. If you are shooting photos at a concert or large event, you must be careful to keep an eye on your camera at all times, because due to the large crowds, items such as cameras can quickly disappear. This can be an expensive loss, and it can cause you to miss taking photos of the rest of the show.

Some photographers take trips to get to the destination they wish to shoot. On these long trips, you may be on a plane, train, or bus. Your camera can easily get mixed up with other luggage, or can become lost or stolen.

Some cameras (and lenses) can cost well into the thousands of dollars, and the loss of a camera can force photographers to close their business unless they have the money to replace the camera. It's much simpler to put contingencies in place to prevent the loss of the camera. The best way to keep up with your camera at ALL times is by using beacons.

How can Beacons help?

Beacons are tiny transmitting devices that are so small, they can be attached to nearly any type of item, including cameras. By using a smartphone app called Find My Stuff, photographers can track the location of their camera using the map feature directly from the smartphone. But that's not all. You can set a specific distance in the app settings, and if the item your beacon is attached to starts to move away from you, and reaches that distance, you receive an immediate loud alert to your phone. This allows you to take immediate action, instead of wondering where your item went at a much later time when you remember it.

So if you set your camera down to go to the bathroom, or to mingle with guests, you can rest assured that your camera is safe, as you will instantly receive an alert if it moves out of your specified range.

Beacons can be used for many things besides just cameras as well. Basically anything valuable - cars, motorcycles, boats, laptops, pets, children - anything that you want to keep track of can be monitored using beacons. The best part, beacons are cheap, and there is no extra hardware to purchase as it works directly through your smartphone! Get on your way to total security today by using beacons and the Find My Stuff app.

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