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How To Know Where Exactly Did You Park Your Car

Auto theft has been a huge problem for years, and even with technological advances in security in recent years, auto thieves have found new, sophisticated methods of stealing automobiles. GPS and high-tech tracking systems are expensive, and even if you can afford them, they are typically easy for the thieves to disable.

Another problem is forgetting where you park your auto. For instance, in a huge airport or amusement park parking lot, it can be easy to become confused and forget which section you parked in.

Find your car easily and quickly on big parking slots.

Technology has come up with a simple, affordable answer to both of these issues: the iBeacon. The iBeacon is a tiny tracking chip (transmitter) that can be placed nearly anywhere. It works by sending alerts to a smartphone app when the transmitter is within a specific distance from the smartphone. It can also send alerts when the transmitter reaches a specified distance away from the smartphone. So if your auto is being stolen, you will receive alerts as it is happening. If you are wandering the parking lot searching for your auto, you can use Find My Stuff to track down the exact location of your auto.

You may be thinking to yourself that it probably takes a technology-minded person to install and use the iBeacon, but the truth is—anyone can use it. It is simple to install with sticky tape, and using the Find My Stuff to configure the iBeacon is simple as well. But surely the iBeacon is expensive, right? Not at all. The iBeacon ranges from around $15-30 each. A small price to pay to keep up with your auto.

There are many other uses for beacons with Find My Stuff app. Want to know what time your teenager pulls into the driveway after a date night? Place an iBeacon on his/her auto. Your smartphone will receive an alert as soon as the vehicle is within the specified range. Keeping up with your auto shouldn't be a hard or expensive task. With the iBeacon, it is a simple, affordable task that really works!

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