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iBeacon’s can be used to track valuable assets. By simply attaching a Beacon to every important asset you would like to track, such a valuable piece of hospital or laboratory equipment. You can identify and monitor its location in real-time and know how often it is being used, by whom, and when.


Businesses that deal with a constant flow of incoming and outgoing fleets of vehicles or equipment can utilize beacons to maintain real-time inventory control, tracking arriving and departing assets moving throughout a yard. Administrators will be able to track exactly when an asset has been moved, returned, and by whom, streamlining activity within a housing facility.


Any business that uses reusable containers, boxes, bags, crates, shipping pallets, etc. can benefit substantially from iBeacon technology.


Beacons placed in transport hubs could be used to push value-added services such as transfer or car hire information to passenger. Beacons can be widely used in car-sharing or bike-sharing infrastructure for real-time location.

Tools For Business

SDK for Developers

Integrate our SDK in your own solution to use all amazing iBeacons features instantly. We support different types of beacons and protocols incl. iBeacons and EddyStone.

White-Label Mobile App

Do you need to have your branded app which your employees, customers or partners will use? No problem, contact us, we are open to discuss further opportunities!

Best Hardware for Your Needs

We work closely with beacon manufacturers. We can customize any beacons for your needs with printed logo and case. We can also to integrate the support of your own iBeacon, just send us the sample and technical specification.

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