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The Beacon is a tiny transmitter that can be installed anywhere. Using a smartphone app, this bluetooth device can send out alerts to the smartphone when it is within a specific range of the transmitter. There are many manufacturers of beacons or bluetooth trackers and Find My Stuff is compatible with all of them.

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Estimote has two types of beacons: stickers and beacons for indoor navigation. We recommend to use stikers, as they are small and well-made. The battery lasts for up to one year by deafult and they can broadcast as far as 230 feet (approx. 70 metres) away. Estimote stickers are ideally compatible with the Find My Stuff app. You can order Estimote beacons on their official site, they ship worldwide.


Trackr has 3 models of bluetooth trackers: Trackr Sticker for the keys, Trackr Bravo for any object and Trackr Wallet to keep up with your wallet or purse. Unfortunately the Trackr app is not perfect for the moment, so you can use Trackr devices within Find My Stuff app. You can get Trackr on the official site. Bluetooth Smart Beacons are bigger than Estimote beacons but have longer battery life, up 2 years. In our opinion, these beacons are more useful for indoor navigation than for tracking stuff. You can order them here.


A bluetooth tracker made by Gigaset, a german company. A simple and easy-to-use key finder, works perfectly in the Find My Stuff app.


This manufacturer produces a few models of beacons. They have an interesting model, the ES003 - ultimate slim beacon with non-ending battery life. So you don’t need to worry about the battery renewal. Order Jaalee beacons on the official site.

Any Beacons on Amazon or Ebay

Find My Stuff officially supports Estimote, Jaalee,, Red Bear, Roximity, TwoCanoes, Radius, BlueUp, BlueCats, Radius, Blue Station, Glimworm, GemTot, RedBear B1 beacons. You can buy it on Amazon or Ebay, just search with the next keywords: beacon, ibeacon, bluetooth beacon etc.

Noname beacons are also supported by the Find My Stuff app and can be configured in manual mode. During tests we had uncorrect distance determination with some of them.

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